2018 Balanced Housing Plan

Adams County recognized the need to address local housing challenges, and has set the stage for working toward providing housing opportunities for all individuals at all income levels and stages of life. In a proactive effort to create solutions, the county commissioned a Housing Needs Assessment (HNA). The HNA created a thorough economic and demographic description of the county, including its strengths and challenges. It identified findings on which various housing stakeholders provided valuable input and possible solutions and also helped build the framework for developing the Balanced Housing Plan (BHP).

The BHP’s purpose is to take the HNA information and stakeholder input, and present defined goals and outcomes through a multifaceted and collaborative approach. It is truly a balanced housing plan as it seeks to build a platform that allows all areas of the county to achieve housing of all types, and meets the needs of the county’s diverse and growing population. It contains three overarching goals, with five supportive policies and recommendations that have specific actions and measureable outcomes.

The Planning Commission adopted the Plan on June 28, 2018 and the Board of County Commissioners ratified the Plan on July 10, 2018.

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