Marijuana Land Use Regulations


In December 2014, after extensive analysis and community input, the Board of County Commissioners adopted amendments to the Development Standards and Regulations to allow retail marijuana establishments. This includes marijuana infused product manufacturers (MIPS), retail marijuana stores, retail cultivation facilities, and retail marijuana testing facilities. The Board of County Commissioners also adopted a cap of 10 marijuana establishments, in order to ensure that these new businesses integrate in a controlled and coordinated manner, to the benefit of all members of the Adams County community.


Over 1,600 applications were submitted for the available 10 slots. The winning tickets were chosen on January 27, 2015. Only those with a winning lottery ticket are eligible to operate a marijuana establishment. These winners must also obtain a state license as well as a local license through Adams County prior to operation. Currently, the county still maintains a prohibition on all medical marijuana establishments.

Land Use Regulations

For more information regarding marijuana establishments, please refer to the Adams County Development Standards and Regulations; specifically: