Neighborhood Outreach

CSWB Strategic Plan

Neighborhood Outreach works to increase community equity through community engagement, partnership development, and helping shape policy. We work collaboratively across the region to strengthen neighborhoods, reduce displacement, and expand opportunities and services. We strive to lead and coordinate initiatives related neighborhoods, communities, and quality of life. 

Existing Programs:


OneAdams was created to help build connections with neighbors from a distance.

Upcoming Projects:

Neighborhood Connections

Neighborhood Connections is Adams County’s resident engagement platform and encourages residents to live, play, and explore. 

Neighborhood Groups

Adams County is establishing its neighborhood groups to engage its residents in the improvement and development of their neighborhoods while building their civic capacity. Neighborhood groups will help their neighbors connect through community events and advocate for their neighborhoods.

Resident Services

Connect to Your County

Paolo Diaz
Community Safety & Well-Being Manager

Tuesday - Friday
8 a.m.- 4:30 p.m.