Transfer of Ownership Application

Application Process

Anyone seeking to transfer the ownership of an active liquor license in unincorporatged Adams County must complete an application packet. Applications will not be accepted until all questions are fully answered and all supporting documentation and fees are provided. All documents must be fully executed with required signatures and dates. The process generally takes 90-120 days.

A transfer of ownership application must include the following items: 

  • State Form DR 8404 - Colorado Liquor Retail License Application or
  • State Form DR 8403 - Colorado Fermented Malt Beverage (3.2% Beer) License Application
  • State Form DR 8404-I - Individual History Record ◦The state requires this form to be completed by each individual applicant, all general partners of a partnership, all limited partners owning 10% (or more) of a partnership, all officers and directors of a corporation, all stockholders of a corporation owning 10% (or more) of the stock of such corporation, all limited liability company managing members, or other limited liability company members with a 10% (or more) ownership interest in such company and all managers of a hotel and restaurant or tavern license.
    • The county requires this form to be completed by any of the above parties listed, as well as any individual or entity that has a financial interest except for a lending institution.
    • Be sure the amount given as the purchase price or the amount of the investment (question 14 A.) matches the amount detailed in parts C and D. Also be sure that the supporting documentation (i.e., bank statements, settlement statements, promissory notes, gift letters, etc.) match the amount indicated on the Individual History Record.
    • Fingerprint cards and a background investigation are required for each individual that has submitted an Individual History Record.
  • Affidavit of Transfer and Statement of Compliance
    • ◦Be sure this document has original signatures from both the seller and the buyer.
  • Proof of Property Possession◦Proof of property possession must be in the form of a deed, lease or lease assignment. The deed or lease must be in the name of the applicant only (must match question 2 on the application exactly). Recently, the state revised the requirement and no longer requires that the tenant name or property owner name match exactly. However, it is still a county requirement.
    • Lease assignment must also be in the name of the applicant only with proper consent from the landlord and acceptance by the applicant.
    • The term of the lease or lease assignment must be at least two years.
  • Diagram of the Premises\
    • Diagram may be hand-drawn in pen (no pencil drawings will be accepted).
    • The name of the establishment and the date must be written on the diagram.
    • Diagram must be on an 8 ½" x 11" sheet of paper.
    • Dimensions must be included. Exterior areas must show control (fences, walls, etc.)
    • There must be a separate diagram for each floor if the licensed premise has multiple levels.
    • The kitchen must be identified for Hotel and Restaurant license.
  • Financial Information◦Acceptable financial documentation includes, but is not limited to promissory notes, bank statements, gift letters and settlement statements.
    • The amount indicated on the financial documents must be equal to or greater than the amount provided on question 14 of the Individual History Record.
    • The goal of financial documents is to show where the money is coming from. If necessary, a letter of explanation may be provided by the applicant.
    • All parties having financial interest in the establishment must complete an Individual History Record and pay the background investigation fee. If the financial documents are in the names of two parties but only one party is applying for the liquor license, the second party has financial interest. For example, if a bank statement is provided as a financial document, and the account is in the name of a husband and wife, both parties have financial interest.
  • Corporate Applicant Information (if applicable)
    • Certificate of Incorporation (and/or) a Certificate of Good Standing (if incorporated more than 2 years ago).
    • A Certificate of Authorization is required if the applicant is a foreign corporation. A foreign corporation is one not incorporated in this state.
    • A list of all officers, directors, and stockholders of parent corporation (with one person designated as "principal officer").
    • A copy of the Articles of Incorporation stamped by the Secretary of State.
    • If the applicant is a partnership, a copy of the Partnership Agreement (general or limited) is required. It is not needed if the partnership is a husband and wife partnership.
    • Limited Liability Company Information
    • A copy of the Articles of Organization (date stamped by Secretary of State)
    • A copy of the Operating Agreement
    • A Certificate of Authority (if the applicant is a foreign company)
  • Manager Registration for Tavern and Hotel and Restaurant Licenses (if applicable)◦A manager registration is required for Tavern and Hotel and Restaurant licenses (when included with an application for a new liquor license) when the manager is separate from the applicant (is not one of the applicants, officer of the corporation, member of the Limited Liability Company, etc.).
  • Public Dance Hall License Application (if applicable)◦If the previous licensee had a Public Dance Hall license and the new applicant would like to transfer the license, the applicant must submit a Public Dance Hall license application with their transfer of ownership application. See instructions for Public Dance Hall Licenses.
  • Fees (see Fee Schedule)