Help Children in Foster Care

Get Involved

You may decide being a foster parent is not for you or your family. We understand not everyone can be a foster parent, however, everyone can help a child in foster care.

Foster Care

Help a Foster Parent

Foster parenting is rewarding, but it has its challenges. Foster parents help children heal from trauma, and that can take a toll on our foster parents. Supporting foster parents will help them foster better and foster longer. If you are interested in helping foster parents, Adams County Foster Care partners with Foster Source to provide support and additional training. 

Raise Public Awareness

Distribute information about foster care needs in your community or compelling stories to newsletters, advocacy groups, bulletin boards, public service announcements, parent/teacher organizations, community centers, web sites and special interest groups.

Sponsor or Co-Sponsor an Event

Organize an event such as a dinner, coffee gathering, picnic, auction, etc. to get the message about the needs of children in foster care and their families to the community. Invite individuals, families, community activists, elected officials and your friends and encourage them to hold their own events.

Recruit Volunteers

Recruit members of your organization, church, workplace, neighborhood or community center to volunteer to support foster families or to become foster parents.

Distribute Promotional Materials in Your Community

  • Post information on your personal/organizational web site.
  • Distribute foster careflyers to places of business.
  • Request that your local stores print foster care messages on their bags.

Where to Place Promotional Materials

  • Beauty shops, barber shops, and restaurants (placemats or menus)
  • Community fairs and special events
  • Hospitals, clinics, and doctors’ offices
  • Local weekly newspapers, ethnic or religious newspapers, free advertiser-supported papers, and organization newsletters, homeowner’s associations, Facebook groups
  • Family attractions in local community and theme parks
  • Flyers on pizza boxes
  • Local businesses (Request that foster care message be used instead of music for part or all of May – National Foster Care Month – while callers are placed on hold.)

Other Places to promote Foster Care Awareness

  • Radio and TV talk show interviews
  • Fraternities and sororities
  • Advertising agencies
  • Your own office or workplace
  • Your church

Please do not underestimate what you can personally contribute to our recruitment of new families. Your help is essential and your efforts may directly influence someone to become a foster parent.

If you have any suggestions, questions, or want more information about how you can help, we encourage you to contact us at [email protected].