Adams County Emergency Notification System - CodeRED


CodeRED is an emergency notification service that allows public safety officials to alert residents and businesses regarding emergency situations by telephone, cell phone, text message, email, and social media.

Sign Up

You can sign up for multiple jurisdictions. For example, if you live in Thornton, you can sign up for Thornton’s notifications. If you work in Westminster, you can also sign up to receive Westminster notifications.

To register, click on the link below for the jurisdiction in which you live or do business. If your city in Adams County is not listed, register under Unincorporated Adams County. If you have issues signing up for CodeRED notifications, call the Adcom911 non-emergency phone number at 303.288.1535.

CodeRED Video Series


If you have issues signing up for CodeRED notifications, call the Adcom911 non-emergency phone number at 303.288.1535.

More Information

Click here for frequently asked questions and more information on how to register with CodeRED. If you don’t live in Adams County, work in another county, or would like to receive emergency alerts from our neighboring counties, please visit the state emergency alert website. Our partners at the Colorado Division of Homeland Security & Emergency Management have information regarding the various emergency notification systems for all 64 counties and their municipalities, in addition to the two tribal nations in Colorado. Also, please be aware that there are numerous emergency alert systems in use across the state and not all jurisdictions use the CodeRED system. Please reach out to them directly if you have any questions regarding their specific systems.


Q: Is there a cost to register with CodeRED? 
A: No, there is not a cost to register with CodeRED.

Q: Who has access to my contact information? 
A: Only authorized government emergency service officials have access.

Q: Is my contact information shared with any third-party vendors? 
A: No, all contact information is stored securely and only used for emergency notifications by the public-safety answering point (PSAP)/dispatch center.

Q: Do I have to keep my contact information updated? 
A: Yes. If your contact information changes, including your cell phone provider/carrier, please update that information in your online account. Also, as a general good practice, please check your contact info in your online account at least annually to ensure it is accurate.

Q: Are landline telephones automatically enrolled in CodeRED? 
A: Yes. Landline telephones registered for service in Adams County are automatically registered.

Q: What types of emergencies or disasters does CodeRED alert for? 
A: All types of emergencies or disasters could be alerted by CodeRED at the determination of public safety officials if there is a potential hazard or active hazard to human life, property, and/or the environment.

Q: If I have multiple points of contact, can I register multiple email addresses and phone numbers? 
A: Yes. It is not uncommon for one member of a household to enter their own contact information as the primary contact and then add the contact information of additional household members as a secondary, or tertiary contacts.

Q: Is CodeRED the only emergency alert system in use throughout Adams County? 
A: No. There are multiple systems used by local jurisdictions and they vary based on the discretion of the local jurisdiction. Several other common systems used throughout and around Adams County are Everbridge and Lookout Alert. While CodeRED is the emergency alert system for Adams County, some municipal (city) jurisdictions may use another system.  

Q: Is it important that I know the jurisdiction where I live or work in to ensure I register for the correct emergency alert system? 
A: Yes. It is very important to know what jurisdiction you live or work in. Please be advised that there are addresses in Adams County that may have a city in the mailing address, but the actual location of the address is in unincorporated Adams County. For example, there are several locations in Commerce City and Brighton that have a Brighton mailing address, but they are actually located in unincorporated Adams County. Conversely, there are areas of unincorporated Adams County with a Denver mailing address. There are also municipalities (cities) that are in multiple counties. For example, the city of Westminster is located in both Adams and Jefferson counties.

Q: What if I still have questions or need more help? 
A: Please visit the CodeRED website for more information or contact Adcom911 on the non-emergency phone number at 303.288.1535 for additional assistance.