County Attorney

Please Note:  By law, the County Attorney's Office is prohibited from giving legal advice to the general public. See Legal Resources for general assistance.

Responsibilities & Services

The County Attorney's Office serves as general counsel to the Board of County Commissioners, elected officials, county departments and such other agencies as may be authorized by the Board of County Commissioners. Attorneys appear in all courts of record and before all administrative agencies. The office handles all general civil litigation matters for Adams County, including land use, employment issues, property tax, election issues and contracts. Additionally, the office prosecutes zoning and building code violations.

The County Attorney's Office also provides advice and representation to the Adams County Human Services Department in dependency and neglect cases, state expungement and administrative review hearings, adult service matters and in other civil matters related to the department. The office files all civil claims in state, district and county courts and federal bankruptcy court for welfare fraud recoveries and files all cases for the Child Support Enforcement Unit of the Human Services Department.

County Attorney Directory

Heidi Miller
County Attorney
Fx: 720.523.6114