CSBG Community Action Plan

About the CSBG Community Action Plan

Federal Objectives Guide

The Community Action plan includes a comprehensive community needs assessment which identifies needs and resources within the community. The assessment is used to develop the three-year Community Action Plan to the State of Colorado’s Department of Local Affairs (DOLA) describing what activities are being proposed to meet identified needs through the use of Community Service Block Grant (CSBG) funds.

Activities will be carried out in a Results-Oriented Management and Accountability (ROMA) format. This format allows Adams County to identify specific needs, service provisions, expected outcomes, measurement tools and final outcomes. Activities must meet federal objectives in the area(s) of: employment, education, income management, housing, emergency services, self-sufficiency, linkages, health, and nutrition.

All CSBG funds are distributed pursuant to a DOLA-approved action plan and will be awarded to an eligible entity under a contract with DOLA Sub-grantee Agreements.

2015-2018 Application and Community Action Plan