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GIS is an information system that deals with location data. Most often GIS is thought of as a mapping system, yet the real power of a GIS is in its analysis capabilities. GIS helps answer questions important to county business. From assessment to zoning, GIS has a role in analyzing and visualizing data and information.

Adams County’s GIS is maintained by GIS professionals in three areas:

  • The Assessor's Office - GIS division is responsible for a variety of duties. The primary responsibility is to maintain and update county parcels with splits, merges, subdivisions, and surveys. All real property ownership data is available to the public for searches on the GIS Interactive Mapping page. The Assessor parcels are for information only and are designed for the purpose of assessment; they are not official survey documents.
  • The Information Technology & innovation (ITi) - Business Solutions Group, creates, maintains and distributes data from a variety of business systems and provides Adams County staff and citizens with a unified approach toward solutions and service.
  • The Information Technology & innovation (ITi) - GIS division procures, maintains and manages the GIS, hardware, software, and GIS database systems, for the county. ITi GIS Acquires the Aerial and Oblique Imagery and coordinates county GIS initiatives with federal, state and local agencies.
Margaret Grondalski, GIS Manager
Information Technology & innovation
Charles Osterman, Business Solutions Manager
Information Technology & innovation
Greg Baca, GIS Manager