Save the Date: Marriagepalooza, 6.8.2024, Admas County Pride

Marriagepalooza will be a mass wedding ceremony at the Adams County Pride Fest on Saturday, June 8.

This event is brought to you by Adams County Clerk & Recorder Josh Zygielbaum.

All couples are welcome to participate.


  • Marriage or civil union licenses must be purchased now through Friday, June 7, 2024, at the Adams County Clerk & Recorder's Office. No appointment is necessary for this time period. Marriage and civil union licenses will not be provided at the park. While couples can purchase marriage licenses at any Colorado county clerk's office, those who want to participate in Marriagepalooza and receive the limited-edition marriage or civil union license will need to use the below application.
  • Complete the marriage license application then stop by our office to receive your exclusive, limited-edition marriage license to be used at the ceremony.
  • Once you’ve been issued a license, you’ll be registered to attend the mass ceremony.
  • All couples are welcome.

To learn more about the requirements for purchasing a marriage or civil union license, click here.  


Call the Recording Department at 720.523.6020.

Stella Diver was born for the stage! Her slogan is "Dive into Passion," and it took her 30 years to realize that time waits for no one. So dive into what you are most passionate about! There is nothing she loves more than performing and entertaining an adoring crowd, from comedy to fire-breathing and everything in between. Stella lives for interacting with her audience and making sure they have an amazing time. 

Marriagpalooza Officiant Stella Diver

Maid of Honor
AllSpyce has been gracing Denver with her fun and interesting style of drag for the past year and a half! She has quickly risen to make a name for herself and was awarded a "Freshest Face of Colorado Drag" award for her work in 2023. You can find her two times a month at Revival Denver Public House hosting an open-stage brunch or performing in a monthly brunch featuring her Haus sisters. She loves a good pop song or a fun punk pop song to whip her hair to! When you hear the name AllSpyce, you know you're going to get a good show!

Maid-of-Honor AllSpyce


Clerk and Recorder

Passports and Issuance of Marriage and Civil Union License

By appointment only.* 

*Appointments can be scheduled online and are available between 8:15 a.m. and 4 p.m.