Mineral Rights Resources

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Oil & Gas Regulations

The Adams County Oil and Gas Regulations can be found at the following link.  These regulations contain the requirements for development of oil and gas facilities in unincorporated Adams County.  Each jurisdiction within Adams County has its own regulations.  If you live within an incorporated city or town, you should consult their regulations.  Adams County Oil and Gas Regulations

Mineral Rights

Do you own the mineral rights for your property?  In Colorado, that is a very complex question that will likely require assistance from an attorney or other property expert.  In Colorado, there is a difference between ownership of the surface rights of the property and ownership of the minerals beneath the property.  For example, you may own the surface rights and own a house on the property, but someone else owns the minerals beneath it. 

The process for determining who owns the mineral rights for a particular property is difficult and often time consuming. Sometimes, the title information from the closing of a home sale will include information regarding ownership of the mineral rights, but that information may not always be accurate and should be confirmed. 

One place to start when researching mineral rights ownership is to review the deed to the land. The Recording Department in the Clerk & Recorder’s Office archives copies of property deeds and you can search for deeds at their office or on their website at http://recording.adcogov.org/landmarkweb. The deed should indicate what type of ownership was conveyed at the time of sale/transfer of ownership. Ownership rights are complicated, and it is advised that you consult with an attorney or other property expert to research mineral ownership before you take any action regarding your rights.

There are many online resources regarding mineral rights and options for property owners.  The following government resources may also be helpful: