Sherrelwood Community Snapshot


Sherrelwood Town Hall Snapshot

Sherrelwood Community Map

Geographic Summary:

  • Area is roughly bounded by Zuni Street on the west, E. 84th Avenue on the north, I-25 on the east, and 66th/65th Avenue on the south
  • Approximately 3.1 sq. miles; 2,034 acres
  • Approximately 23,000 residents (2010 Census)

Neighborhood Crime and Traffic Incidents

View current crime and traffic incidents as reported to the Adams County Sheriff's Office with this interactive map.

Sherrelwood Community Crime and Traffic Map

Area Demographics

Sherrelwood Elementary School demographics

  • White 13.1%
  • Hispanic 81.4%
  • Asian 1.4%
  • Black 1.4%
  • Pacific Islander 1.4%
  • Eligible for free lunch 75.6%
  • Eligible for reduced lunch 17.9%


Area Income Information (estimates)

Median household income for block groups ranges from $23,154 to $62,083 annually

  • Median household income: $45,103 ($57,421 countywide)
  • Median family income: $44,006
  • Median per capita income: $19,172
  • Percent of households under the poverty line: 18.6% (for 2016, this is $24,300 for a family of 4)

Race (2010 Census)

  • White, not Hispanic 34.8%
  • Hispanic 33.7%
  • Hispanic/Latino (summary, includes all races and Hispanic/Latino) 59.1%
  • Black 1.3%
  • Native American 2%
  • Asian 3%
  • Hawaiian/Pacific Islander 0.2%
  • 2+ Races 3.8%
  • Other 21.1%


  • Less than high school degree 30.65%
  • High school degree 35.3%
  • Associates/Bachelors 11%
  • Advanced Degree 2.6%

Code Enforcement and Building Permits

Look up code enforcement violations and building permit applications through our interactive tool Eye on Adams:

Sherrelwood code enforcement map

Land Use Cases: For current land use cases, visit the county's Community Economic and Development's Land Use Case site.

Oil and Gas Information: For weekly activity reports, current oil and gas cases, frequently asked questions, and more information, visit the Community Economic and Development Oil and Gas site.

Marijuana Information: There are no marijuana businesses within the identifed area. For more information on marijuana licensing in unincorporated Adams County, visit our Marijuana Licensing page.

Parks and Open Space

  • In this area you have Twin Lakes Park. A large renovation is hoping to begin the Fall of 2017.

    • Parks has just completed public comment and the project is currently in design. Along with this project, the Parks department will be looking at some drainage issues that has created a mosquito problem. They are currently working at trying to solve the drainage issues without losing the trees on the property.  

  • The Clear Creek Trail next to Midtown received some flooding damage. This trail is set to receive a replacement trail to repair the flood damage.

  • Clear Creek Bottomlands: Parks has been actively working on removing noxious weeds (primarily Russian olive trees) from this area. 

  • Notes: This area is surrounded by Hyland Hills and Westminster. Thus there may be additional public comment on what these jurisdictions are doing in the area.

Topics of Potential Discussion

  • FasTracks: The Westminster station opened July 25, 2016
  • Gold Line: Pecos and Federal Stations opening in 2016
  • Marijuana locations:
    • Starbuds 1451 Cortez Street
    • The Green Solution, LLC 6681 Federal Blvd. (a bit outside of boundaries)


Presently, no complaints/needs cited in YourGov.

Current improvements:

  1. Lowell Blvd. between 56th to 62nd currently in design (widening, curb/gutter/sidewalk, storm sewer systems, and retaining walls as needed; the project will begin next year).
  2. NW 60th realignment: Realignment constructing a new intersection at Federal Blvd. and W. 60th Avenue to provide access for Federal Station. This is presently in construction (federally funded).
  3. W 56th Ave. Improvements (Federal to Zuni): Currently in construction; includes bicycle and multimodal improvements.
  4. Chip and Seal (2016): W. 63rd Avenue (South of 64th, including Julian and Clay Streets).

Sherrelwood chip and seal plan