Marijuana Licensing

Approved Licenses


 Business Name

 Operating Name 


Expiration Date 

 Retail Store  The Green Solution, LLC  The Green Solution, LLC  6681 Federal Boulevard 13 - Sep
 Retail Store  RJJ Adams, LLC  Native Roots North Denver  620 E. 58th Street 4 - Oct
 Retail Store  Lucky Ticket, LLC  Starbuds  1451 Cortez Street, Unit A 4 - Oct
 Retail Store  Yuma Way LLC  Berkeley Dispensary  5398 Sheridan Blvd. 13 - Jun
 Retail Store  Tweedleaf  Tweedleaf  6299 Federal Blvd. 1 - Dec
 Retail Store  Item 9 Labs Colorado, LLC  Unity Road  6101 Washington St 16 - Feb
 Cultivation  Fleuraison, LLC  Fleuraison, LLC  5923 Broadway Street 13 - Sep
 Cultivation  NoBo Denver LLC  NoBo Denver LLC  6995 Imboden Road 22 - Jul
 Cultivation  HMGA LLC  High Meadow Gardens  6105 Washington Street 28 - Oct
 Manufacturing  Kebar, LLC  Kebar, LLC  5955 Washington Street 11 - Sep
 Manufacturing  C2CC LLC  Bonanza  5919 Broadway Street 13 - Sep
 Manufacturing  Mile High Extractions, LLC  Mile High Extractions, LLC  6115 Washington Street 6 - Jan
 Hospitality  Hope Holdings, LLC JAD's Mile High Smoke  7667 Washington Street  16 - February
 Hospitality  Lottery  Lottery  Lottery  Lottery
 Hospitality  Lottery  Lottery  Lottery  Lottery
 Hospitality  Lottery  Lottery  Lottery  Lottery
 Hospitality  Lottery  Lottery  Lottery  Lottery

Hospitality Licenses 

Adams County has 5 Marijuana Hospitality Licenses. These licenses are not currently available as we work through the lottery wait list drawn on August 12, 2020. When the wait list has been exhausted, any available Hospitality Licenses will be posted here.