Code of Ethics

The Adams County Code of Ethics is adopted by the Board of County Commissioners and applies to employees and functions under the Board.  The Code may also apply to employees of other elected offices if the elected official adopts the Code. The citizens of Adams County are entitled to have a fair, ethical, and accountable local government that has earned the public’s full confidence for integrity. Employees and officials must conduct themselves in the most ethical, and appropriate manner in order to foster the trust of the public. The Adams County Code of Ethics  provides rules to ensure that  Adams County employees  follow the law, act with ethics and professionalism, and uphold the  mission, governing principles and values of Adams County.

In particular, the Adams County Code of Ethics addresses the areas of:

  • Contracting / Goods and Services
  • Confidential Information
  • Political Solicitations
  • Hiring of Relatives
  • Gift Ban Policy

To resolve ethics complaints or concerns, the Board of County Commissioners has established a third-party Independent Ethics Officer who will receive, process and evaluate any allegations that the Code of Ethics has been violated.  

Independent Ethics Officer
Code of Ethics