Mission, Vision, Values and Goals

The Adams County Board of Commissioners passed a resolution in public hearing on Jan. 18, 2012, adopting the new Adams County Mission, Vision, Values and Goals as the framework by which the county operates and delivers services to the taxpayers and residents of Adams County.

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To responsibly serve the Adams County community with integrity and innovation.


Adams County is the most innovative and inclusive county in America for all families and businesses.


A Positive Work Environment
We are committed to providing a respectful, professional work environment that will attract, retain and motivate a workforce that effectively and efficiently serves the Adams County community.

Servant Leadership
We are committed to serving the Adams County community with accountability and responsibility.

We are committed to working together on behalf of the Adams County community.

We are committed to engaging in open, honest and respectful practices and communication.

We are committed to earning the trust and respect of the Adams County community by acting with integrity and ethics in all we do.

Strive to create a world-class customer service experience by encouraging creativity, a service culture, and continuous improvement.


Education and Economic Vitality
Adams County supports economic prosperity by attracting new businesses, retaining existing businesses, and supporting the growth and development of small businesses. We do that by creating programs that facilitate a highly-skilled and well-educated workforce; support a positive image and brand for Adams County, and foster a viable economic environment for our business community.

High Performing, Fiscally Sustainable Government
A high performing government knows and delivers what its citizens want, is customer centric, has an innovative culture, and uses the best technology. We consider the sustainability of our services and service delivery in all areas of government operations. We have the right people in the right jobs and align our resources with our priorities. We implement best practices and empower our people with collaboration, adaptability, and teamwork.

Quality of Life
Our citizens feel safe and protected within their neighborhoods.  Our communities are visually attractive and have outstanding park, recreational, open space, and cultural amenities. Our citizens are actively engaged in their community.  Sustainability of development and natural resource preservation are an integral part of our growth and redevelopment.

Safe, Reliable Infrastructure
Adams County provides an appropriate, sustainable, public infrastructure that supports the quality of life of our citizens and employees, meets the needs of our businesses and supports economic development, and is maintained at the level of service our citizens and employees need.

Community Enrichment
Adams County provides a human service network that protects the vulnerable in our community.  We improve lives through integral community partnerships.