LEPC Meeting Agendas and Minutes

The Adams County LEPC meets the fourth Monday of every odd month, 9-11 a.m. Meetings are in person in the Adams County Conference Center or can be attended virtually on the Microsoft Teams platform. 

If interested in attending, contact the LEPC Coordinator at [email protected] or 720.523.6602 to request login information.


January 22Agenda  
March 25Agenda  


November 27Meeting canceled  
September 25AgendaMinutesView Recorded Meeting
July 24AgendaMinutesView Recorded Meeting
May 22AgendaMinutesView Recorded Meeting
March 27AgendaMinutesView Recorded Meeting
January 23AgendaMinutesView Recorded Meeting
January 11         
Board Workshop
January 27, 2020AgendaMinutes 
March 23, 2020Meeting Canceled  
June 1, 2020AgendaMinutesView Recorded Meeting (password: 3V#!66=c)
July 27, 2020AgendaMinutesView Recorded Meeting (password: Zp3@KoeK)
September 28, 2020AgendaMinutesView Recorded Meeting  
November 23, 2020AgendaMinutesRecording Unsuccessful
February 25, 2019AgendaMinutes 
April 22, 2019AgendaMinutes 
June 24, 2019Agenda - Meeting CanceledMinutes - Meeting Canceled 
October 28 2019AgendaMinutes 
February 20, 2018AgendaMinutes 
April. 23, 2018AgendaMinutes 
June 25, 2018Agenda  
August 27, 2018AgendaMinutes 
October 22, 2018AgendaMinutes 
December 17, 2018Agenda - Meeting CanceledMinutes - Meeting Canceled 
February 27, 2017AgendaMinutes 
April 24, 2017AgendaMinutes 
June 26, 2017Agenda - Meeting Canceled  
August 28, 2017AgendaMinutes 
October 23, 2017Agenda - Meeting CanceledMinutes - Meeting Canceled 
December 18, 2017AgendaMinutes 
February 22, 2016AgendaMinutes 
April 25, 2016AgendaMinutes 
June 27, 2016AgendaMinutes 
August 22, 2016AgendaMinutes 
October 24, 2016AgendaMinutes 
December 19, 2016AgendaMinutes