ACSF 2016

2016 Student Success Stories


“I'd like to thank everyone with the Foundation for supporting my higher education and helping me become the person I am. My mother passed away at the start of my Junior year, and these folks stood behind me and believed I could press on. Since then, I've graduated and found a job that I love, that supports my continued education, and has great opportunities for growth. I got engaged in October to the greatest woman I've ever met, I live in downtown Denver, and I'm finally enjoying the fruits of my labor. The Adams County Scholarship Foundation has opened doors I've never dreamed of and pushed me to achieve things that I never thought I could do. Thank you, a million times thank you!”     
- CJ, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, School of Mines

“My name is Zenas, and I am currently a manufacturing engineer at Procter & Gamble located in Utah. I was fortunate enough to receive the ACSF scholarship to fund my education at the University of Colorado Boulder where I majored in Mechanical Engineering and minored in Engineering Management. I attended Horizon High School where I found my talent in STEM. I am now managing more than 20 technicians and 2 managers in addition to my technical engineering role. This scholarship allowed for me to fund my education and reach the current status in my professional career. I wanted to give a huge thank you for the Adams County Scholarship Foundation for their tremendous impact for young professionals working to develop their careers.”     
- Zenas, Mechanical Engineering Major, Engineering Management Minor

“As of now, I am currently working in local government for the City of Thornton! I have been working for the last year and a half in City Development providing assistance to the planners and engineers designing/and building Thornton! I haven't taken up additional schooling, but I would love to go back and eventually pursue a master's degree in history once time and money are right.”

“The scholarship I received was truly life changing. I was extremely fortunate to graduate with just over 10k in debt, after factoring in my academic, need based, and the Adams County scholarships, and have been able to pay nearly all of it off. Financial aid eased so much stress from college, as I was able to truly focus on my studies and hold a job only for groceries and fun money - where I never had to truly panic on how to pay for school. Seeing what friends and loved ones have to do to make ends meet with their student loans has truly put into perspective how privileged I was to receive such a generous gift from Adams County. I will always be extremely grateful, and receiving that aid was essential to setting my post-college self-up for success!! And just a note - I actually graduated college in 2019 in 3 years! Thank you for reaching out, and from the bottom of my heart thank you for setting my path up for great success!!!”     
- Everett, History Major