ACSF 2017

2017 Student Success Stories


“My name is Alexandra and I just completed my Mechanical Engineering degree with a minor in Business Administration in May 2022 as part of the University’s Honors program. I began my journey at Colorado State University in August of 2017, making my time here slightly longer than many of my peers. However, extending my time at CSU that extra year was the most beneficial decision I could have made. If I had not, I think the coursework would have been too much, leading to either a change in major or completely dropping out. I remember the moment I realized I needed to take a breath and go through this experience a little slower - it was the second semester of my sophomore year; I was taking Physics II, Differential Equations, and Intro to Manufacturing, along with two other classes. The three classes listed were the most challenging classes I have ever taken, and having to do them all at the same time led to so much stress and anxiety. I remember calling my parents every day crying saying it was too much and feeling completely defeated. After that semester, I changed to the five-year plan, which dropped my credit count per semester from 18 to 15, leaving me with enough time to take care of myself and be able to enjoy college. My time in college improved dramatically after making that decision. I have to admit it was very hard making that decision because I was aware most of my scholarships ran out after my fourth year, so I am extremely grateful that Adams County/COSI was able to support me a bit more, so I could finish my degree.”
- Alexandra, Mechanical Engineering Major, Business Administration Minor

“I think I could have graduated in four years if I had not added another major. I am currently a fifth-year student at Colorado State University, double majoring in Zoology and Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation Biology with a concentration in Conservation. I know, it's a mouthful. When I was a freshman, I took a biology class, I enjoyed it thoroughly, and it made sense. It was all fascinating, interesting enough to keep me wanting to learn more and challenging enough to be fun. I told myself ‘if you get an A in this class, you should look into majoring in STEM’. Well, I got an A.  I walked into the biology building and declared myself a zoology major in 2018. One day while making essential oils in organic chemistry, I got to talking to my lab mates about their majors, ‘I’m a wildlife major!’. What? Wildlife biology is a major at CSU? Well, I just had to look into that. I looked through the requirements and decided that wildlife biology was actually what I wanted to do. But zoology was so interesting. I walked into the natural resources building the next day and declared myself a wildlife biology major. My advisor told me, “they’re basically the same thing…are you sure? You're going to graduate late.” Though they may have some similarities, wildlife biology required data analysis and wildlife conservation, and zoology required cellular biology and biochemistry. What good researcher takes one but not the other? How could I think of myself as a well-rounded scientist when I felt I only knew half of the curriculum? No, I wanted to be sure I knew everything I could. It truly would not have been possible without a fifth year, without some funding. I wasn’t sure if there would be any funding when I got to my last year. But as I type this, three days out from my graduation I cannot help but breathe a shaky sigh of relief that it all managed to turn out well, that I may walk into any career and know that I learned how to do it all, somewhere along the five years I spent at Colorado State.”
- Amindra, Zoology & Fisheries Major

“My academic journey was never easy but now as I’ve been graduated for nearly 6 months now I look back and see that the long sleepless nights, the long frustrating study sessions, the never ending math calculations were all worth it when I look at my name on my degree, and I have to thank ACSF for the support and help in achieving that milestone in my life. Thanks to the scholarship I had more time to focus on my studies than to worry about how I was going to pay for my education. Peace of mind and ease of stress we’re a fundamental help throughout my academic life and for that I thank those who supported me in the ACSF foundation. The scholarship helped me ultimately achieve my goal of graduating which at times didn’t seem possible. During my last semester, FAFSA didn’t provide me with a pell grant which hindered my ability of being able to complete my studies and it was a very stressful time in my life, thanks to the ACSF I knew I had some funds already available to me which definitely aided my decision to stay positive and enroll for my last semester and thus reaching graduation. If it wasn’t for ACSF I don’t know if I could say I have a bachelors degree in Business management today. Today I still work at my current job at a restaurant because my current goal is to travel and visit places I’ve never seen before I commit to a full time career. Thank you for all your support through the years.”
- Paola, Business Management Major