ACSF 2019

2019 Student Success Stories

“I am a first-generation student with immigrant parents.  My ACSF mentor was an immense help in teaching me about how to fill out FAFSA, what loans I should accept, what resources I have on campus if I need extra help, etc.  If it weren’t for their help, I probably wouldn’t have known about the mental health office on campus and I wouldn’t have received the help that I needed.  Being directed to CAPS has completely change my mental health for the better.  Additionally, due to the increase in need of financial aid because of COVID, I lost every scholarship that I was given in my first year other than this one.  Despite this setback, this scholarship has allowed me to continue my education.  I am incredibly grateful.”      
- Camila, Cinema Studies Major

“With the help of the ACSF scholarship, I have been able to pay off all of my tuition in the three years that I have been in college.  This is important to me and has allowed me to be a good student because having money to pay college off gets ride of one barrier among many that inhibits me from my ultimate goals.  I have also become more intentional and ambitious with my education since I know that my presence in campus includes my identities and my community, it is not just me. It allows me to set short term goals for the future I want.        
- Angela, Colorado State University