ACSF 2020

2020 Student Success Stories

“The ACSF scholarship has helped me complete my first two years at CU Denver with a little less financial stress than if I did not have the scholarship.  I am able to pursue rigorous schedules during the fall and spring semesters of my freshman and sophomore years of college because the scholarship helped pay for a substantial amount of my course fees!  The award has given me an opportunity to achieve my dream of becoming the 1st person in my family to graduate from college!”     
- Jenny, Psychology Major, Biology Minor

“As a first-generation college student navigating my studies is difficult on its own considering I have no guidance, financially however this scholarship has made my experience more smooth. As of now I don’t and have not had to worry about the finances or worrying about tuition and I am grateful to not have had that stress throughout my higher education. Having had this scholarship allows me to have financial freedom and not have one more stressful factor in this journey. With this I am able to dedicate more time to my studies being that I do not have to work a full-time job while also being a full-time student in order to pay tuition. Ultimately before attaining this scholarship, my plans were to attend a community college for affordability, but this scholarship allowed me to attend the University of Colorado Denver and have choice in my studies. Now that my plans have altered slightly and I am transferring to Colorado School of Mines, my worries for tuition at that institution are eased.”     
- Alicia, Financial Management Major

“This scholarship has helped me overcome financial barriers that’s has influenced a greater educational experience. Understanding that I am first generation as well as received an education, prior to a university, that surrounded by minorities, the transition to a university resulted in feeling isolated within my community. As well as being in financially independent, where my job supports my day-to-day life, this scholarship has minimized financial struggles where I am more free to enjoy the college life. I appreciate how this scholarship has supported me and would not be here today without it.”     
- Carlos, Sociology Major