ACSF 2021

2021 Student Success Stories


“Receiving the ACSF has been a blessing. The scholarship has been diversly used throughout my first year in college from books, courses, meals, etc. It has reduced a tremendous amount of stress in relation to the financial burden of schooling and has allowed me to focus solely on my education.”       
- Chevy, Radiological Science Major

“If it weren't for ACSF I likely wouldn't even be in college, it is without a doubt the greatest support I have in college, allowing me to be the first generation in my family to actually attend. My advisors have helped me plan out my classes and make sure I'm not overburdened by anything, letting me enjoy college life to its fullest. Thanks to not having to worry about finances, I'm also able to explore more opportunities, and as a result I'm looking into minoring in merchandising, something I wouldn't have thought about otherwise had I not had the breathing room the ACSF provided. Overall, ACSF has been an amazing opportunity for me, and I cannot wait to continue being in college for the years to come.”       
- Jack, General Computer Science Major

“ACSF scholarship has helped me achieve my academic goals in many ways. I was able to obtain a 4.0 GPA my first year in college at a four-year institution because I didn't have to worry about the financial aspect of college. I was able to completely focus on school and all the possibilities that could become of my career. I was able to talk to many people about my career. I was able to get a shadowing opportunity with the city of Windsor! Not having to worry about the financial aspect of college allowed me the freedom to do many other things to help set up my future. Having not to worry about the financial aspect of college also allowed me to grief the devastating loss of my beloved dog. I am very grateful for this scholarship and everything it has allowed me to do. Being part of this scholarship also connected me to the College for Excellence program at CSU. Having a mentor in this program really helped me learn a lot about the tips and tricks of college. It helped me ease into college as I had someone to lean on because my family doesn't know what it is like to be in college. Going to the workshops also added a lot of knowledge to help with the stress of college and hardships of life. After receiving this scholarship, it is evident that a domino effect of good things came from it.”       
- Blanca, Business Administration Major