Burial Assistance

Summary of Program

Provides a public assistance grant for burial, funeral and cremation services to recipients of most financial and medical assistance programs. Income and resource guidelines must be met. 

Services Provided

Burial Assistance - Email [email protected] for initial screening, inquiries, questions, and/or applications.

How to Apply

Please email [email protected]. Once we have received your initial inquiry, we will research the case and act accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I apply?

Once an inquiry is sent to our email address, we will review the case for eligibility and act accordingly.

What can I expect now?

For cases that are potentially eligible for Burial Assistance, we will reach out to you directly as well as send you the application. For other cases, we will try our best to find other burial resources that you may be able to utilize.

How do I get payment/receive benefits?

Once the application and processing of the application is completed, the benefits will go directly to the vendor of burial services.

Where do I make a payment?

Additional payments are most likely organized with the vendor and made to the vendor and not Adams County.