Compensation Claim Process

After a claim for service connection is filed, here are the typical steps in the service connected disability claims process:

Acknowledgement Letter from VA: This one page letter will advise you that the VA has received the claim and they are working on it. This letter “usually” arrives within 60 days of initial filing of the claim.

Duty to Assist Packet: This packet will arrive in a big envelope. It contains several pages including blank forms. The Duty to Assist letter will discuss what (if any) evidence the VA still needs from you. This is a very important part of the claim process. Contact your Service Officer the same day you receive this packet.

Compensation and Pension "C&P" Exam: This is a physical examination scheduled by the VA with a medical professional. It is a very important element in your case. The VA will send you written notice of this appointment time or call you. You will see a VA Medical Professional who will examine you and provide a detailed report to the VA on their assessment of your disabilities and if they believe it is related to your service. Once the exam is completed they will send their opinion to the VA to be considered with your claim.

Rating Decision: This is the VA decision on your claim. A rating decision can take up to a year and sometimes longer from the date of the initial filing. Please be patient and adhere to the guidance of your Veteran Service Officer. Call your Service Officer the same day you receive the decision.

Filing an Appeal: If you disagree with the VA decision, you can file an appeal within one year from the date of the rating decision. It is important to note you cannot win an appeal simply because you don’t like the VA decision. You have to appeal an actual error with the VA decision. Adam county Veteran Service Officer can discuss the appeal process with you.

Survivor’s Benefits Adams County can help eligible veterans file for Survivor Benefits; the Veterans Administration provides two types of survivor benefits:

  • Dependency and Indemnity Compensation: for a service connected death
  • Death Pension: a low-income benefit where eligibility is based on income, assets and medical expenses of the surviving spouse