Ongoing Child Protection & Reunification Services

Program Goals

Ongoing Child Protection and Reunification Services serves children from birth to 18 years of age who have been identified as being at-risk or are victims of child abuse and neglect. Ongoing Caseworkers work with the family to identify and secure services and supports that can help to build safe parenting skills that will allow children to remain in the home or return home. The three major goals of Ongoing Child Protective and Reunification Services are to:

  • Ensure that children have a safe and permanent home.
  • Help parents to engage with supports and services that can help them develop protective parenting skills that will allow their children to remain home or return home.
  • Engage extended family and kin as possible to provide temporary and/or long-term care to children if they cannot safely live at home, and help children prepare for living with an adoptive or other permanent family if they cannot safely return home.

Services We Provide

Services to children and families are provided either voluntarily or are ordered by the courts. To achieve our goals, Ongoing Child Protective and Reunification Services develops a comprehensive service plan reflecting the unique problems and strengths of the individuals being served. Services may include:

  • Substance Abuse Treatment
  • Mental Health Services
  • Referrals to community agencies to ensure safety and expedite permanency
  • In-home and community-based parenting services
  • Supervised parenting time
  • Assistance to secure emergency housing or other funds
  • Support and advocacy

In addition, Ongoing Child Protective and Reunification Services utilizes community partnerships to develop the client's support system.

Contact Us

For additional information about his program, please contact Children and Family Services at 720.523.4000.