Permanency Services


To ensure that all children achieve stability through adoption, permanent placement with relatives, long term placement with a foster family, or living independently in the community. Permanency services works with children, youth, and families to strengthen and develop lifelong connections and homes.

Adoption Section

Ensures that children who cannot return home and have the goal of adoption achieve a permanent home with a loving family in a timely manner. The vision for the Adoption program is outreach to adoptive families and cooperative collaboration to find ‘forever families’ for children and youth. Click here for more information.

Youth in Transition Section

Ensures that youth will be provided resources and supportive services to successfully transition back into their home with their family and live independently in their community if they are unable to return home. These services include securing stable housing, educational and employment opportunities. The vision of the Youth In Transition program is to provide youth empowerment and permanent connections.

Adolescent Resource Team

Ensures that youth and families who are experiencing conflict in their relationships receive services necessary to strengthen relationships and return youth home. The Adolescent Resource Team’s goals include maintaining youth in their homes and communities, keeping youth in school and reducing delinquent behaviors. The vision of the Adolescent Resource Team is family empowerment and community engagement.

Contact Us

For additional information about Adams County's Permanency Services Program, please contact Children and Family Services at 720.523.4000.