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Property Tax Relief

Per SB22-238 and SB23-001 the value may be reduced by $55,000.00 for residential and $30,000 for commercial. Click here for further information.


Property taxes are collected one year in arrears. In 2022 the Treasurer and Public Trustee's Office will collect the 2021 taxes. By June 30th each year, the Treasury Division collects about 95% of all taxes billed. By December 31st, 99.9% of all taxes will be collected.

There are many ways residents can pay and/or manage their property tax payments without visiting the Treasurer and Public Trustee's Office:

  • Online payments at
    • Click here to view your parcel details, obtain current and prior year payment history and receipts, and view or print your current year tax statement. 
  • Via USPS: Adams County Treasurer and Public Trustee's Office, 4430 S. Adams County Pkwy., Suite W1000, Brighton
  • Via the black drop box located outside the main entrance of the Government Center: 4430 S. Adams County Pkwy., Brighton


IMPORTANT:  The Assessor maintains the mailing addresses for tax statement notifications. Click here to print the form.  When completed, mail the form to:

Adams County Assessor’s Office
4430 South Adams County Parkway, Suite C2100
Brighton, CO 80601

Once the form is input into the Assessor’s system a file transfers the information to the Treasurer and Public Trustee's Office, therefore notification of address change to the Treasurer and Public Trustee's Office is not necessary.

Mobile Home Property Tax Sale Notice And Exemption (Colo. Rev. Stat. § 39-3-126.5)

Concerning property taxation of mobile homes, and, in connection therewith, creating an exemption for low-value mobile homes and modifying the notice requirements for mobile homes to be sold due to delinquent taxes and making an appropriation.


The act creates a property tax exemption for mobile homes, which includes manufactured homes, that have an actual value of $28,000 or less. The act also eliminates the requirement that a county treasurer publish a notice in a newspaper of a sale of a mobile home, which includes a manufactured home, due to property taxes owed if:

  • A distraint warrant has been delivered to the owner of the mobile home or to his or her agent; and
  • The county treasurer publishes a notice of the sale on the treasurer's website.

The act appropriates $833,193 from the general fund for the state share of districts' total program funding to offset the reduction in property tax revenue to school districts as a result of the property tax exemption.




Please contact the Treasurer and Public Trustee's Office by email at [email protected] or by phone at 720.523.6160 with any comments, questions, or suggestions so that we can better serve you.  Thank you!

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