Development Standards & Regulations

Development Standards & Regulations

The Adams County Board of Commissioners adopted the Development Standards and Regulations to guide development and protect and promote the public health, safety, and general welfare of the county.

These Development Standards and Regulations are regularly updated to reflect the goals of the Comprehensive Plan, to ensure that they adhere to current case law, and to comply with updated State and Federal regulations.

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Chapter 1 - Administration

Chapter 2 - Application and Permitting Procedures

Chapter 3 - Zone District Regulations

Chapter 4 - Design Requirements and Performance Standards

Chapter 5 - Subdivision Design, Improvements and Dedication

Chapter 6 - Regulations Governing Areas and Activities of State Interest

Chapter 7 - Roadway Standards and Technical Criteria

Chapter 8 - Access Design and Traffic Requirements

Chapter 9 - Storm Drainage Design and Stormwater Quality Control Regulations

Chapter 10 - Special District Guidelines and Regulations

Chapter 11 - Definitions

Appendix A - Applications

Appendix B - Engineering Checklists and Standards Detail

Appendix C - Engineering Road Standards 

Appendix D - Model Service Plan for Special Districts

Appendix E - Intergovernmental Agreements for Denver International Airport

Official Code Interpretation Manual

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For old versions of the regulations, please contact the Community and Economic Development Department at 720.523.6800 or e-mail [email protected]