Environmental Programs

The Environmental Programs Division aids in the administration and enforcement of the county regulations aimed at mitigating offsite impacts to residents' health, safety, and welfare, and the environment from specific types of industrial activities and land uses. Community outreach and education on such impacts, regulations, and procedures is an integral component of achieving environmental compliance and protecting public health. Other objectives of the Division include waste diversion and recycling; brownfields redevelopment; energy sustainability; and public and environmental health.

Environmental ComplianceEnvironmental Compliance

The role of the Environmental Compliance Specialist is to ensure industrial facilities around the county are maintaining compliance with their operating permits, as well as the development standards and regulations the county has in place to protect the environment and public health.

To report environmental compliance-related complaints or issues, contact Miles Buescher.


Oil & Gas InformationOil & Gas Information

The Adams County Oil & Gas Information page offers has information on these topics and more:

► Oil & Gas Facility Regulations
► Oil Production and Activity
► Oil & Gas Inspection Program
► Orphan Wells
► Frequently Asked Questions
► Contact Information

Mosquito ControlMosquito Control

Mosquito control for Adams County is provided by Vector Disease Control International (VDCI), formerly called Colorado Mosquito Control, with a local office at 7000 Broadway, Suite 108, Denver. VDCI performs mosquito trapping, larvaciding (treating standing water for mosquito larva), adulticiding (spraying for adult mosquitoes), and responds to mosquito complaints for Adams County. Visit our Mosquito Control page for more information.

Recycling and SustainabilityRecycling and Waste Diversion

Adams County is holding a household hazardous waste drop-off event at the Veolia HHW Recycling Center from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. on Sept. 22 and 25. To register for the Wednesday event, click here. To register for the Saturday event, click here.

Check out this page for events and resources related to recycling events and resources and sustainability including:

► Year-round household chemical collection through Veolia
► 2021 recycling events
► Recycling drop-off locations

For residential paint disposal please visit PaintCare.org.

For the A-Z Recycling Guide, visit Tri-County Health Department’s (TCHD) website.

Love My AirLove My Air

Our Environmental Programs team is excited to announce this launch of the Love My Air Program in partnership with Tri-County Health Department. These two new air monitors measure a common air pollutant – particulate matter (PM2.5), which commonly comes from vehicle emissions, construction, industries, forest fires, residential burning, and agricultural burning. Visit lovemyair.com/tricounty for a live look at PM2.5 air monitoring at Rotella Park, the Justice Center, and other locations in the area. For more information, contact Charlotte Hampson at champson@adcogov.org or 720.523.6226.

Environmental Health News

September 2021: Adams County installed particulate matter air sensors at two locations as part of the TCHD Love My Air project that provides Adams County residents with real-time, hyper-localized air quality information for particulate matter.

August 2021: Thornton Shopping, LLC initiates second phase of off-site BOS-100 injections to remediate groundwater contamination. Injection arears are located within unincorporated Adams County road rights-of-way. You can find more information on the historic chlorinated solvent contamination and required cleanup actions here. Questions on the Thornton Shopping, LLC Corrective Action Plan and next steps please contact Lindsay Masters, Environmental Protection Specialist with the CDPHE Corrective Action Unit, at 720.644.6314 or lindsay.murl@state.co.us.

July 2021: Tri-County Health Department (TCHD) rolls out second phase of free private water well testing for PFAS in specific areas. Visit the TCHD’s PFAS Testing webpage for more information and to view a map of the testing focus areas.

June 2021: Rocky Mountain Arsenal 5-Year Review Fact Sheet

In March 2020, Suncor Energy entered into a Compliance Order on Consent with the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment as settlement for a series of citations and associated monetary penalties for violations of air quality regulations and its operating permit. Visit the county’s Suncor Refinery Information Updates page for up-to-date information.