Waste Hauler Licensing

Recycling and Waster Diversion

Waste Hauler Licensing

Despite ambitious waste diversion goals established for the state in the 2016 Colorado Integrated Solid Waste & Materials Management Plan, the average recycling rate across Denver Metro Area communities was only 15.8% in 2022.

Last year, Adams County received a grant from the CDPHE Front Range Waste Diversion Program to support its Waste Diversion Improvement Project (WDIP). The WDIP aims to increase recycling & waste diversion rates across unincorporated Adams County to 40% by 2034.  

The county is partnering with Resource Recycling Systems, Inc (RRS) to implement elements of the WDIP, including the development of a waste hauler licensing ordinance.  In May, we met with municipal solid waste (MSW) haulers and non-MSW haulers to get their input, insights, and ideas on a potential hauler licensing ordinance, including data reporting elements.  View presentations from the meetings, below. Click image below to view timeline. 

Waste Hauler Licensing Ordinance Timeline
Waste Hauler Licensing Ordinance Timeline (click to enlarge)


Stakeholder Meeting One Presentation

Stakeholder Meeting Two Presentation (All Haulers)

Public Outreach Meeting

Stakeholder Meeting Four - Recommended Ordinance Requirements

For questions and information about Waster Hauler Licensing in Adams County, please contact:

Katie Keefe
Environmental Programs Manager