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Murals for Hope

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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Adams County Parks, Open Space & Cultural Arts Department launched public art projects to bring hope and joy to communities, inspire residents and visitors, and fuel the local economy. Learn more about Murals for Hope and sculpture series here.

Babe Walls, Adams County Pride

Babe WallsBabe WallsBabe Walls

Babe Walls came to the inaugural Adams County PRIDE and painted seven murals with amazing local artists. Each wall was a collaboration between two artists, and a community wall gave young future babes space to create.

The walls are on display at Riverdale Regional Park for the next six months and will then be moved to new homes throughout the county. We’ll share those locations when they go on tour!

Babe Walls AC Pride Artist Lineup:

Learn all about Babe Walls.

Gallery at Taza Coffee House

Main Street Creative Showcase

Judee Dickinson Poster

Main Street Creatives is a vibrant artistic community just around the corner! What you see here is a taste of the collective’s vast talent. Visit their gallery in Brighton to see more works by this group of local artists. This showcase celebrates the long-standing relationship between art and nature.

Artists have always mirrored and interpreted the world around them. Some artists explore the impact nature has on our daily lives by depicting a bounty from the garden or the simple love of an animal. Others transform natural materials to create their artwork, turning feathers into flowers. Main Street Creatives invites you to see the beauty, majesty, and inspiration found in nature through their eyes.


Exhibiting Artists: 

Judith Dickinson, Sheri Farabaugh, Jo Griff, Terry Hagen, Edward Hansen, Kathy Hansen, Sharon Krohn, Sandie Mackenzie, Kary Mayes, M.J. McCafferty, and Millie Young 

About Main Street Creatives: 

Main Street Creatives is a studio space, gallery, and arts academy in downtown Brighton. What began as an experimental art space in 2011 has become a community that supports local talent, nurtures the next generation of artists, and offers programming for art enthusiasts of all ages. 

The artists of Main Street Creatives are dedicated to sharing their knowledge and talents with all who walk through their doors at 36 S. Main Street, Brighton. Visiting hours are 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. Stop by on Tuesdays or Thursdays to meet one of the seventeen studio artists. Work on your own art and socialize at Open Paint every Thursday. 

Visit to learn about upcoming events, classes, and art demonstrations.

MSC Building
MSC Logo

BUILT ENVIRONMENTS: paintings by artist Craig Rouse 

Craig Rouse employs a limited color palette, geometric shapes, and crisp lines to construct imagined architectural landscapes. Built Environments explores human-made spaces, large and small. Some paintings are based on paper cubes the artist has stacked and arranged. Others are inspired by buildings. 

Craig Rouse

Afternoon Stillness in Palm Springs, Acrylic on Panel

Craig Rouse

Escaping the Heat in Palm Springs, Acrylic on Panel

Craig Rouse is a graphic designer and fine artist. He works in computer-aided illustration, silkscreen, linoleum block printing making, and, most recently, painting. Rouse lives in Lakewood, Colorado with his wife Carrie and their rescue dog Riley.

Stop by and say hello to Rouse and Riley at his studio in the 40 West Arts District on First Fridays.

Love Your Trails - Ground Mural Series

We are celebrating the incredible parks, open spaces and trail system in Adams County with a ground mural series dedicated to the natural beauty right here in AC. Fifteen artists are installing murals now through fall 2022. Get out on the trails and check it out!
Click here to see a map of mural locations.
Artist Lineup:




Adams County PRIDE, Artist Takeover

Adco Pride

Adco PrideAdco Pride



The Adams County 2023 Pride Festival featured an artist takeover with Rainbow Dome. Visual and performance art and joyful roller skating made the event bright and big. The theme for the artwork was summertime bounty. Draping Riverdale Regional Park in vibrant colors, amazing textures and textiles, and the simple, beautiful message that we all belong.

  • Check out the event recap video.
  • Check out 2022 Pride with Babe Walls here.
  • We’re already thinking about 2024! Got ideas? Let us know

TreeTales visual and sound art installation by Melody Epperson at Rotella Park

Tree Tales

Every culture has its own folklore, myths, and legends about trees. Some are origin stories, like the Scandinavian story of Yggdrasil. Others are cautionary tales such as the legends 
surrounding Hawthorn trees. This ancient connection between humans and trees reminds us that we too are connected, not only to the natural world but to one another.

Tree Tales is a visual and sound art installation. Look up to discover three trees with colorful, screen-printed banners made by artist Melody Epperson. Scan the QR code next to each tree and listen to a tree tale as you stroll through the park.

Join Melody at Rotella Park on Saturday, September 16th for a free screen printing activity at Welby Days.