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This program does not enforce abandoned vehicles, illegal parking, or speeding.
Please contact the Adams County Sheriff’s office at 303.288.1535 for these issues.


     1st Vehicle Permit Free      4th Vehicle Permit $10
     2nd Vehicle Permit Free      5th Vehicle Permit $25
     3rd Vehicle Permit $5      6th Vehicle Permit $50
A $3 service fee will be applied to all credit card purchases through the citizen portal.

Visitor Passes: each household will receive two free passes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does this parking program do?
The parking program regulates parking restrictions on unincorporated Adams County public streets.

What do I need to get a permit?
You will need a valid vehicle registration. Renters will need to provide proof of residency such as a lease agreement or current utility bill.

Do I need to put a sticker or hang-tag on my vehicle?
Not for long-term parked vehicles. The vehicle permit is virtual and is connected to the license plate on file. Short-term parked vehicles (visitors) will need to display a hang-tag.

Who will be allowed to park on the streets in this neighborhood?
Residents and owners within the designated parking district who obtain permits for their vehicles can park on the streets in the designated district at any time.

How will visitor’s park on the street?
Each household will receive two free physical (hang-tag) passes for visitor vehicles to display. These permits are valid for up to 72 consecutive hours.

What days and times will the parking restrictions be in place?
The restricted times will be Monday through Friday, from 8am until 5pm. This excludes county-observed holidays.

What happens to a vehicle that does not have a permit?
The owners of the vehicle receive a warning notice for the first violation. All subsequent violations may result in a citation that requires payment of a fine.

How much will the fines be?
The fine for parking without a permit will be $21. Violators may be subject to up to three separate citations within a 24-hour period.

Helpful Documents

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How to set up a Permit Account - English 133 KB
How to set up a Permit Account - Spanish 133 MB
Visitor Permit Policies - English 1 MB
Visitor Permit Policies - Spanish  
Ordinance Number 16  

Ryan Ellis
Parking Officer
[email protected]

[email protected]

8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
(Excluding building closure days)