62nd Avenue Pecos to Washington

Project Overview

Adams County is improving the 62nd Parkway and 62nd Avenue corridor between Pecos Street and Washington Street. The overall objectives for this project are to:

  • IMPROVE roadway safety, traffic operation functionality, pedestrian access facilities, and drainage system
  • REDUCE long-term operation costs
  • REFLECT the County Transportation and Comprehensive Plan and Making Connections/SW Adams County Plan

The Project consists of widening/reconstructing roadway; improving intersections; installing curbs, gutters, sidewalks, ADA ramps, drainage system with water quality features; and implementing landscaping to improve safety, environment, and increase mobility capacity to serve increased growth and economic development.

62nd & Pecos

Public Meetings

Three virtual public meetings on the following dates:

  • First Virtual Public Meeting – November 2020
  • Second Virtual Public Meeting – March 2021
  • Third Virtual Public Meeting - March 2023

Project Schedule

The county recently added additional scope to upgrade the storm trunk line between 62nd Ave and I-76 and regional water quality pond to the project. The project schedule is listed below.  

All dates below are estimated and subject to change.

  • 30% Design by First Quarter 2021 (Alternative and Preliminary Concept)
  • 60% Design by First Quarter 2022
  • 100% Design and complete Right-of-Way Acquisition by Second Quarter 2023

Advertisement for the project construction is anticipated in October 2023 and Construction Completion is anticipated in December 2025.

62nd Ave Project2nd Ave Project
Huron Intersection looking eastLooking west to Pecos
62nd Ave Project - Looking west to PecosWashington intersection looking SE
Looking west to PecosWashington intersection looking SE


Note that this project is concurrent with the Broadway and 62nd Avenue drainage improvements project.

Contact Information

Adams County Public Works
Jennifer Shi, P.E., Project Manager
720.523.6875 | Email