Public Works

Current roadway closures and detour routes due to flood events can be found here and an interactive map can be found here.

The Adams County Public Works Department is here to protect the health, safety and welfare of the residents of Adams County through superior planning, engineering, construction, maintenance, operations, and administrative services related to transportation and drainage infrastructure.

Contact the Department at 720.523.6875 or [email protected].

Contact Us at 720.523.6875 or [email protected]

Report a Road IssueSnow and Ice Removal

Report a Road Issue

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Snow and Ice Removal

Roadway Maintenance

Stormwater Utility

Traffic Safety

E-Permit Center

Using the E-Permit Center, you can apply for, review, pay for, and print out permits at any time from any computer or mobile device. More information about how to submit right-of-way encroachment or access permits or other permitting requiring county input can be found on our E-Permit Center website. If you need assistance scheduling an appointment, please call 720.523.6800.

Colorado Open Records Act (Sec. 24-72-201 to -206, C.R.S.) Requests

CORA request forms and information can be found here.


The Public Works Department acts as a first responder in emergency situations and/or disasters that impact our roads and bridges. Working closely with the police and fire departments, our team provides critical support to the public through inclement weather and emergency situations. The team closely partners with the Office of Emergency Management. Please report any emergencies to ADCOM, 303.288.1535, or call 911 and they will contact the Public Works team.

For questions and information about the Public Works Department, please contact:

Brian Staley

Or, contact:

Janet Lundquist
Deputy Director