Berkeley Gardens Neighborhood Improvements

Project Overview

The project area is located between Lowell Blvd and Federal Blvd (US 287), south of W 55th Place and north of the Adams County/Denver Boundary. The goal of the project is to provide neighborhood improvements that allow for roadway safety, mobility, pedestrian access facilities, and a better drainage system within the project limits. The existing drainage system needs to be repaired and upsized and will require upgrades to accommodate additional drainage flow. 
Improvements to the current roadways include the following:

  • Roadway widening
  • Pavement resurfacing
  • Curb, gutter, and sidewalk installation
  • New trail accessibility from 53rd Avenue to Federal Boulevard
  • Water quality pond north of 55th Place near Clear Creek

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Berkeley Project Area Map

We Want to Hear from You

Adams County would like to hear from you on ways we can improve project communications for the Berkeley Gardens Neighborhood Improvements project and other similar projects. We want to be sure we have the strongest process possible moving forward. We’re reviewing how we communicate with the community, what information you would like to receive, and on what platform(s) you would like to receive information.

Project Updates

The project is currently in the Right of Way (ROW) property acquisition phase, which is expected to be completed in late 2023. HDR, the consultant, is in the process of contacting the property owners to review the impacts to the properties and start the acquisition process. 

Surveyors will be on-site to temporarily mark (stake) the proposed acquisition area(s) and temporary construction easements. A real estate specialist will be in touch with impacted properties to explain the type of property easement being marked (staked).

Pink = proposed right of way (fee simple)
Blue = temporary easement
Green = permanent easement

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Berkeley Right-of-Way Process

Public Meetings

Four virtual public meetings were held on the following dates:

Concept Design Public Meeting – January 2021
Preliminary Design Public Meeting – May 2021
Final Design Public Meeting – December 2021
ROW Process Public Meeting  - October 2022
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In-person Public Engagement Meeting was held on November 30, 2022

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Berkeley Gardens Neighborhood Improvements Updated Timeline - Oct. 2022

Contact Information

For Right-of-Way acquisition questions please contact:

CJ Pietri, Valuation, Real Estate & Right of Way Specialist Lead
303.318.6342 | Email

For project specific information or to share questions or concerns please contact:

Long Nguyen, Project Manager
Adams County
720.523.6875 | Email 

Eric Lee, Project Manager
JR Engineering
Phone: 303.267.6223 | Email