Explorador Calle Bridge Replacement Over Niver Creek

Project Overview

The bridge carrying Explorador Calle over Niver Creek will be replaced and updated for the functionality and safety of the travelling public.  The condition of the existing bridge has been deteriorating, as tracked by regular field inspections.  The accumulating problems are beyond repair and contributed to the need for this project.  The project is located at the intersection of Explorador Calle with North and South Coronado Parkways.  Niver Creek runs between and parallel to North and South Coronado Parkways.

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Explorador Calle Bridge Project Location


Project Schedule

All dates are estimated and subject to change.

  • Begin Design – October 2021
  • Preliminary Design Completion – First Quarter 2022
  • Final Design Completion – Third Quarter 2023
  • Begin Construction – Fourth Quarter 2023
  • Complete Construction – Third Quarter 2024

Contact Information

Amy Backel, Project Manager
EST, Inc. (Design Consultant)
303.798.9445, Ext. 20704 | [email protected]


Mark McDonald, Project Manager
Adams County Public Works
720.523.6875 | Email