2022 Miscellaneous Concrete and ADA Ramps Program

Project Overview

The 2022 Miscellaneous Concrete and ADA Ramps Program includes performing planned concrete maintenance work and work to improve ADA accessibility.  The program will be focusing on concrete replacement and trip hazard grinding at select locations, as well as the replacement of pedestrian curb ramps as part of the County’s commitment to improve ADA accessibility within unincorporated Adams County.

  • Sidewalk, Curb, and Gutter Repair: Sidewalk, curb, and gutter damage will be inspected and areas for repair and trip hazard grinding will be identified. The City’s goal is to perform repairs prior to, or in conjunction with, the annual paving program and address spot repairs based upon severity and coordination with other requests to allow the work to be performed in an efficient manner.
  •  Pedestrian Curb Ramps: According to standards set by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), newly constructed or altered streets must contain curb ramps and existing non-compliant ramps are to be updated for compliance. As a result, the County will prioritize the installation and replacement of ADA pedestrian ramps in all locations where the County’s annual Street Paving Program is planning to do asphalt paving work. ADA accessibility is mandated at all intersections.

While it is not always possible, it is the  county’s goal to perform concrete repairs and ramp improvements before the street paving work is done to save money and prevent damage to new pavement during concrete repair and ramp construction. 


This year, the Program’s work will focus in the Sherrelwood neighborhood, but will also include select areas in Perl Mack Manor, Northfield, and Wright Farms.

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2022 Miscellaneous Concrete & Ramp Program2022 Miscellaneous Concrete & Ramp Program

Right-of-Way Acquisition

To accommodate the planned curb ramp improvements, it will be necessary to acquire property interests from landowners at street intersections and some midblock locations. The interests will include the acquisition of a corner cut or a small rectangular pocket to facilitate the construction of new curb ramps adjacent to the property.

It is Adams County’s policy to compensate fair market value, or just compensation, for the property interests needed for this project. Due to the project’s time constraints and the need to acquire the property interest in a timely fashion, the county will be offering a new acquisition incentive pilot program to help expedite the acquisition of the interests necessary. Pursuant to this pilot program, the county will offer a bonus payment over and above the fair market value offer to all landowners from whom property interests will be acquired if such landowners accept the county’s offer in a certain period of time. The incentive bonus offer provides motivation for more timely and efficient acquisitions. Participation in the acquisition incentive program will be voluntary. None of the provisions of the acquisition incentive program eliminate any landowners rights to negotiate a settlement based upon any concerns they may have. The acquisition incentive program will not affect any landowner’s constitutional right to just compensation.

Right-of-Way and easement acquisitions for curb ramps are ongoing to support the ramp construction under the 2024 Miscellaneous Concrete & Ramp Program.  

Project Updates

The 2022 and 2023 Miscellaneous Concrete and Ramp Program work will be combined with the 2024 Miscellaneous Concrete & Ramp Program.  Information regarding upcoming and rescheduled work will be provided to the affected areas prior to the start of the 2024 program. Please contact Adams County with any questions or concerns.

Contact Information

Crystal Carlow
Adams County Project Manager