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Traffic Safety is responsible for day-to-day traffic signal, signage, striping and safety operations. We focus on addressing reported traffic concerns, as well as preventative maintenance, to maximize safety for all road users. We strive to make driving in unincorporated Adams County safe and efficient.

Traffic Calming Program

Speed Humps are traffic calming facilities which encourage motorists to reduce their operating speeds while passing over an installation. Vehicles may safely cross speed humps at 15-20 mph. Speed bumps are designed for vehicles to cross at 5 mph or slower, and are commonly used in parking lots. Speed bumps are not considered a safe installation for use on local roads. For more information about the Adams County Speed Hump Program, please follow the links below:

Cautionary signs are non-standard warning signs that are intended to raise motorist awareness of young roadway users. Adams County will install specific cautionary signs in locations that meet the eligibility criteria described in the Cautionary Sign program requirements:

For traffic enforcement issues or to report speeding concerns, please contact the Adams County Sheriff"s Office at 720.322.1114. The Public Works Department does not enforce traffic laws.

Accessible Parking Program (COMING SOON)

Adams County Public Works Department will place accessible parking signs on the public right of way of unincorporated Adams County in residential neighborhoods and business districts for people with mobility impairments meeting the adopted standards. The County is committed to providing equitable access to the maximum available parking for all persons using the public right of way. Signs may only be placed by Adams County Public Works where approved. All other parking restrictions are still in effect where accessible parking signs are posted.

Accessible Parking Program - Information (English)
Accessible Parking Veterans Memorial Sign Program - Information and Application (Spanish).pdfProgram - Information (Spanish)

Accessible Parking Program - Printable Application (English)
Accessible Parking Program - Printable Application (Spanish)

Accessible Parking Program - Online Application (English)
Accessible Parking Program - Online Application (Spanish)

Veterans Memorial Sign Program

Adams County is highly invested in showing support for residents who are currently serving or are veterans of the United States military services. As part of this commitment, the Public Works Department has implemented the Veterans Memorial Sign Program. This program is intended to allow residents of Adams County who are family or friends of military veterans killed in the line of duty to request dedication of a street in unincorporated Adams County to the memory of their departed soldier.

Veterans Memorial Sign Program - Information and Printable Application (English)
Veterans Memorial Sign Program - Information and Printable Application (Spanish)
Veterans Memorial Sign Program - Online Application (English and Spanish)

Roadside Memorials

Adams County Traffic Volume Counts

Traffic Signal Locations in Adams County 
Traffic Signal Specifications

Adams County Minimum Sight Distance Requirements

Street Light Outages

To report a street light outage, please call the power company serving your neighborhood:

Related Contacts

  • Colorado Department of Transportation Highway Information Line - 303.639.1111
  • Traffic Signal Malfunctions on State Roads - 303.757.9511

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