Establishing Residency

Moving to Colorado from Another State -- Establishing Residency

All motor vehicles and trailers owned or operated by a Colorado resident must be registered. Colorado residency is established when one of the following criteria is met:
  • You obtain a Colorado driver’s license
  • You obtain employment in Colorado
  • You own or operate a business in Colorado
  • You reside in Colorado continuously for 90 days
All applications for vehicle registrations must be made at the motor vehicle office in the county you reside. View a list of Adams County Motor Vehicle office locations to find out which location is closest to you.
Criteria used to establish residency in the county are:
  • Business address - used when registering a business vehicle that is in the business name
  • Primary place of residence - used when registering a personal vehicle; utilizes the same laws and regulations that apply to voter registration
  • When the place of residence or business does not apply, the address where the vehicle is primarily domiciled and maintained may be used
  • Title, registration, and emission forms (see emissions requirements here) are available from the Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles website.