Transactions by Mail

Note: Please allow 14 days of processing time. If the payment is for the incorrect amount or if the renewal is missing required documents, all sent in items will be returned to you and not processed. 

Renewal by Mail

As a courtesy to our residents, all Colorado counties send out renewal notices for currently registered vehicles. Plates may be renewed online, via the Gov2Go app, by mail (send to Adams County Motor Vehicle, P.O. Box 5011, Brighton, CO 80601), or over the phone at 720.523.6010.
Residents are encouraged to complete their transactions online at

To Renew by Mail

Step One: Decide if this is option is right for your transaction. 
  • Must be a resident of Adams County
    • If you've moved out of Adams County, contact your new county of residence.
    • If you've moved to Adams County from another Colorado county, your fees may differ; please contact our office at 720.523.6010 for the correct fees. Please be prepared to provide your license plate number, vehicle information, and new Adams County address.
Step Two: What do you need?
  • Renewal Notice or the check/money order must list the vehicle by Plate or VIN number
  • Proof of Insurance – Copy is acceptable (If indicated required on the renewal notice)
  • Proof of passing Emissions Test (if indicated required on the renewal notice)
  • Check or Money Order
    • Make Checks Payable to Adams County Clerk
    • Make Sure the check is signed
    • If the renewal is received after the one-month grace period, the fees will differ. 
Step Three: Mail 
Once you have all the required documents mail them to:

Adams County Motor Vehicles
P.O. Box 5011
Brighton, CO 80601-8215