Goat Hill Drainage and Roadway Improvements

Project Overview

The overall objective of this project is to provide neighborhood improvements to improve roadway safety, mobility, pedestrian access facilities, and the drainage system within project limits in the Goat Hill neighborhood. The following roadway segments are being analyzed for improvements:

  • Irving Street from West 67th Avenue to Creekside Drive
  • Hooker Street from West 67th Avenue to West 68th Avenue
  • Grove Street from West 67th Avenue to West 68th Avenue
  • Green Court from West 67th Avenue to West 68th Avenue
  • West 68th Avenue from Julian Street to Hooker Street
  • West 67th Avenue from Irving Street to Federal Boulevard

Improvements to these roadway sections may include, but are not limited to, widened roadways, curb and gutter, sidewalks (including ramps and facilities in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act), pedestrian crossings, relocation of objects in the right-of-way, relocation of existing utilities, and improvement of the stormwater drainage systems, including the incorporation of stormwater quality treatment facilities.

Goat Hill Project Location Map

Project Update

The project is currently in the design phase, which is expected to be completed in 2023. All dates below are estimates and are subject to change.

  • Final Public Meeting - Fall 2023
  • Final Design Completion - Fall/Winter 2023
  • ROW Acquisition Process Completion - Winter 2023
  • Estimated Construction Start - Summer 2024

Notifications will be sent out prior to each public meeting to all property owners and residents of this neighborhood.

Contact Information

For project specific information or to share questions or concerns, please contact:

Byron Glenn, Project Manager
HCL Engineering & Surveying
303.773.1605 | Email


Russell Nelson, Project Manager
Adams County
720.523.6875 | Email