Storm Drain Marking

Adams County Storm Drain Marking program is a hands-on project for volunteers who are interested in educating the public about stormwater pollution prevention.

The markers with the message: "NO DUMPING - DRAINS TO RIVER” displayed are placed on storm drain inlets to remind us that rainfall runoff can wash soil, yard waste, fertilizer, motor oil, trash and other contaminants directly into our local ponds, creeks and river.

In addition to the markers, volunteers are invited to distribute door hangers with information on how to reduce the amount of pollutants distributed into local storm drains.

The Storm Drain Marking program is a partnership between the County and its residents and/or business employees. The program is simple: groups or individuals agree to place markers on storm drain inlets and may also agree to distribute door hangers to the houses or businesses located along the selected area. The Stormwater Division will supply storm drain markers, door hangers, orange vests, gloves, storm drain location maps and instructions. 

Please contact the Stormwater Division for more information.