Alternative Transportation in Adams County

Adams County is not only greening our own fleet, but making is easier for the public to make sustainable transportation choices as well.

Electric Vehicle Charging and the County’s Green Fleet

Thanks to a grant from the Regional Air Quality Council, Adams County is expanding its network of electrical vehicle charging stations and the county’s green fleet in 2017. Six new charging stations, four of which will be publically accessible, we be installed at the county’s Government Center, Human Services Center, and Sheriff’s Office in the spring. These stations will be free for use for the public. To find out exact locations of charging station locations in the area, visit the Alternative Fuels Data Center.

MyWayToGo - a program of DRCOGCarpooling and Ride Sharing Resources

Adams County supports maximizing commuter efficiency to preserve air quality, reduce vehicles on the road, and save you money. This effort is made easier through MyWayToGo, a partnership with the Denver Regional Council of Governments that offers real-life solutions to help commuters save time and money, experience less stress, and focus on the things they enjoy. Are you interested in learning about carpooling and vanpooling options? The steps are simple:

  1. Go to and create a profile. 
  2. Enter your starting location and ending destination (home and/or work). You can add information like the hours and days you work. “Star” this as a Favorite Trip.
  3. Once that info is entered, go to your Dashboard. The button in the black top bar of the screen will take you to the Dashboard.
  4. The right-hand corner of the page will show your commute, and if there is someone who has entered a similar commute you will see a little grey box that says “Matching Carpool.” Click on that. 
  5. You’ll be taken to a page that tells you more about that individual, and you can choose to connect with them if you’d like.
  6. Email your new potential carpool buddy, meet for coffee to make sure you like each other enough to be in a confined space for 30 minutes, and voila — you are a carpooling machine.

RTD logoGetting Around via Transit

The RTD system, which operates throughout Adams County, is designed to be fast, easy, and comfortable; RTD is expanding its light rail network throughout Adams County in order to provide even greater access to high quality public transit. Please visit the RTD website for information on schedules and routes

Health Benefits of Biking

Download and display our poster at your home or office

Biking to WorkGet Smarter: Biking boosts brain power, increased blood flow stimulates different parts of the brain, and the quick navigation and responsiveness needed to cycle means more blood to those parts of your brain. Recent studies showed that exercise staves off Alzheimer’s and helps kids better control ADD.

Live Longer: One study showed that Tour de France riders lived on average to be 81.5 years, which is a 17% increase over the life expectancy of the general population at 73.5 years. As an added bonus, they spend those extra years touring the world via bike.

Help Your Heart: A recent study in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise found that people who were active on a daily basis, including those that rode a bike for 30 minutes several days a week, were 31% less likely to develop high blood pressure than others.

Clean Air: Biking instead of driving means you are not emitting harmful emissions and pollutants from your car’s tailpipe. A 10-mile round trip commute for a year can save up to 170 gallons of gas and 1.9 tons of CO2, a harmful greenhouse gas.

Get Fit: You burn 43-53 calories per mile while biking.

Be Cooler: A study by the British Heart Foundation showed that cyclists were perceived to be 13% more intelligent and cooler than the average joe, and 23% said cyclists were more attractive than non-cyclists.