Sustainability Plan 2030

Across the nation, local governments and businesses alike are integrating a triple bottom line approach into their business practices. A triple bottom line approach recognizes the interdependent relationship between business, society, and the environment and emphasizes that businesses gain by identifying shared opportunities to support all three. As a leader in the community, Adams County is one of many entities increasingly integrating this approach into its business practices. To advance this approach, the county continually identifies and adopts sustainable practices, initiatives, and policies that save tax dollars and support prosperous businesses; protect the health of employees and citizens; and assure clean land, air, and water.

Adams County is taking action to advance the goals outlined in the 2030 Sustainability Plan. Recently the county participated in a series of work sessions, hosted by Xcel Energy’s Partners in Energy, to develop an Energy Action Plan for all county facilities. This plan outlines strategies to help reduce county facilities’ overall energy use, as well as increase the percentage of electricity coming from renewable sources. To learn more about what the county is doing to be a leader in this space, check out the plan here.