Facilities & Fleet Management

Facilities & Fleet Management is responsible for new construction and renovation, building repair and maintenance, environmental services, landscaping, equipment repair, preventative maintenance, solid waste pick up and recycling/sustainability, and maintenance and disposal of all county vehicles and equipment.


Facilities & Fleet Management is dedicated to providing the highest quality customer service which exceeds our customers’ expectations.


Facilities & Fleet Management is a forward-thinking support unit to the physical development and maintenance of Adams County facilities and vehicles. We are committed to supporting our customers, elected officials, and staff by delivering high-quality services and providing safe, clean, functional, and well-maintained facilities and vehicles. Through managing resources responsibly and efficiently, and with accountability, we strive to create inviting facilities for our customers and staff.


There are five core values that shape the actions of all Facilities & Fleet Management staff:

  • Service - We focus our efforts to best serve our customers.
  • Integrity - We earn the trust of others through professional conduct that includes honesty, reliability, and competency.
  • Teamwork - We work together cooperatively in support of our mission. We value individuals and their contributions to the team and treat each other with respect and dignity.
  • Excellence - We deliver quality services to our customers while consistently seeking to improve those services through creativity and innovation.
  • Stewardship - We conduct our business in an environmentally, socially, and economically responsible manner that is reflective and protective of the public trust placed in us as stewards of the county’s facility-related resources.

Career Opportunities

For a list of career opportunities in Facilities & Fleet Management, visit the Adams County listings on GovernmentJobs.com.

Ameer Faquir
Fx: 720.523.6008


Monday - Friday
7 a.m. - 3 p.m.
(excluding building closure days)