Clear Creek Corridor Master Plan


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Adams County Clear Creek Corridor


Clear Creek runs approximately seven miles through southwest Adams County from Sheridan Blvd. to the South Platte River Confluence. Adams County currently owns approximately 178 acres of open space adjacent to Clear Creek. A regional trail and several trail access points have been developed through this corridor, but currently few other amenities are located along the corridor.  

The Clear Creek Corridor Plan will provide a basis for future improvement projects that will provide a variety of recreational amenities while protecting and enhancing the natural systems in the Clear Creek corridor. The goals of the plan include improving safety, making trail connections to surrounding neighborhoods and new transit areas, providing amenities that are lacking in the surrounding neighborhoods, improving habitat and ecological systems, and identifying locations for bank stabilization and restoration projects.

Draft Recommendations

The feedback received during the open houses and online survey has been helpful in making recommendations for future improvements along the Clear Creek Corridor. The recommendations have been grouped into three categories: basic needs, circulation and access, and recreation areas. We hope you will study the draft recommendations and attend the upcoming open house presentation on Monday, June 26, to provide additional feedback. 

  • Review the summary of priorities HERE.
  • Review the grouped recommendations HERE.

Community Meeting Presentation Details

Master Plan Feedback

On January 26, 2017, the first public open house for the Clear Creek Corridor Plan was held at Valley View Elementary School to take feedback from the public. More than 150 recommendations were made at the meeting. Simultaneously, we also asked residents to respond to a survey about their experiences and needs along the Clear Creek Corridor. We received 385 responses to the survey with very helpful feedback. See below for summaries of both the public open house and the survey, which will be used to create a draft plan of improvements throughout the corridor. We plan to have the draft plan available for public comment in April and will be announcing several events in the near future.

Final Draft

View the  final draft of the Clear Creek Corridor Plan. The plan will be heard in public hearing by both the Planning Commission and the Board of County Commissioners. Comments are welcome. Please look for the Request for Comments for the Clear Creek Corridor Plan, case number PLN2018-00015.