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All Business Services offered are at no cost to employers

Job Posting

Employers post job openings and volunteer opportunities on The interactive website allows employers to search the database for candidates, pull up Resume’s and contact job seekers with the knowledge, skills and abilities that correspond to the requirements of the posted opening. Jobs are reviewed daily, and assistance is available by phone or email on how to build an employer profile and how to find job seekers by job title, experience, or skill. Guidance is also available on how to restructure the job posting to follow Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and the Equal Pay for Equal Work Act.

Job Fairs / Hiring Event / Virtual

Events are coordinated to offer employers an opportunity to talk directly to job seekers and share details about their business history, benefit package, culture, and mission. Events can be grouped with several employers of the same industry or with multiple industries. Employers can also participate a single employer option which will bring in only job seekers focused on the openings of that employer. Events can be conducted on site, at the Pete Mirelez Human Services Center, or virtually on the latest networking website platform that allows for private interviews and unique document sharing interactions.

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Work-Based Learning

Funding is available for employers struggling to fill critical or hard-to-fill positions. The workforce center can support Pre-Apprenticeship programs and Registered Apprenticeship programs by paying the tuition or classroom portion of the training indicted by the employer. A 50% wage subsidy is available with On-The-Job Training (OJT) funding that can offset the training costs of onboarding new hires with less than perfect qualifications. Paid Internship and Work experience programs can pay 100% of the wages of an intern placed with an employer willing to offer mentorship and training services without the commitment to hire. Others benefit from Incumbent Worker Training (IWT), where workforce funding can pay to upskill current employees to avoid a layoff or to raise the competitiveness of the employee and the employer. To apply for OJT assistance, complete this application: MATCH Form.

Assessment / Screening

Many employers utilize the workforce center to assess the aptitude or basic knowledge of applicants using specific assessment tools. The workforce center schedules and proctors the assessment tool and send results to the applicant and the employer for consideration. Employers can also ask for the workforce center to send resumes of applicants only if they meet certain criteria. This can help speed up the initial screening process of some lengthy application scenarios for large businesses who receive large numbers of applications.

Workforce Intelligence / Labor Market Information

For employers and community partners in need of data to make key decisions, the workforce center can pull information on national, state, or local data points regarding available labor, job titles, wages, and other trends. This data can be customized depending on the business need to focus the areas of concern or speculation.

Sector Partnerships

When employers in the same industry are experiencing the same issues, it is helpful to combine forces for the solution. Industry Sector Partnerships do just that. The workforce center conducts regular discussions with employers, education providers, supply chain entities, and community partners to form task groups to work on joint industry solutions. Being a part of these partnership helps for networking and community building in Adams County. Many times, state funding is available specifically for this sector work. Items like webpages, marketing, facility use and more can be subsidized.

Business Service Review

The best way to find out if the workforce center can help your business is with a face to face sit down meeting to discuss pain points and concerns. Many times, the information shared during these visits leads to a direct service delivery solution. Other times, it leads to resource referrals and collaborative efforts to solve the problem. The navigation through the many possibilities by a Business Development Representative helps to identify grant eligibility and missing tools. Another option for a Service review is sharing the information with Economic Development partners who bring a different solution perspective.

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