GED Services

Adams County WBC offers an in-house GED program to assist customer in preparing for their GED.

Online GED Platform

The GED test is currently administered online. To best prepare students for this computerized test, Adams County WBC uses AZTEC online software to provide GED prep assessment, lessons, and pre-testing. All students enrolled in the program will be set up with an account and provided the steps to get started. Students will be provided a lesson plan and can work through lessons at their own pace if that is their preference.

All students will need to purchase the Kaplan GED Test Prep Plus 2021 book and the Texas Instrument 30S Scientific Calculator to use in combination with the AZTEC software program.

In-person GED Prep Classes

For students who prefer more assistance, in-person classes are offered to supplement online learning. The WBC offers weekly Language Arts and Math classes that rotate through four-week sessions. Each session covers different topics that students will need to master for the test. Students must commit to the full four-week session and begin on the first day of each. Pre-registration is required, drop-ins are not accepted into the class after the first day of class. See calendar here. 

In-person GED Prep Tutoring

For additional support, tutoring labs are offered on a weekly basis where students can get assistance with any topic they are working on. Pre-registration is preferred, drop-ins are accepted as well. See calendar here. 

How to Get Started

  1. Create a Connecting Colorado account. This can be done at the Workforce Center or online
  2. Once Connecting Colorado registration is complete, email [email protected] to register for the GED program.​
  3. You will be contacted with login information to access the pre-assessments in the AZTEC software.​
  4. Complete all pre-assessments and notify the program administrator once complete. ​
  5. Your scores will be reviewed, and you will be contacted with a learning plan.

General Testing Information

You must visit MyGED® to sign up and create your MyGED® account.​ The GED test is $37.50 (per subject) and there are four subjects for an overall total of $150.00​. You can take a test module, and two subsequent module retests, with no restrictions between retakes. If you fail the second or any subsequent retest, the test taker must wait 60 days for each successive attempt. You can take one or two tests each session. ​

Contact Us

For more information, email [email protected] or call us at 720.523.2400.