Adams County Veterans Memorial Sign Program

Memorial Sign

Adams County is highly invested in showing support for residents who are currently serving or are veterans of the United States military services. As part of this commitment, the Public Works Department has implemented the Veterans Memorial Sign Program. This program is intended to allow residents of Adams County who are family or friends of military veterans killed in the line of duty to request dedication of a street in Adams County in memory of their departed veterans.

The nominated veterans will be commemorated through the installation of special memorial signs bearing their name, rank, branch of service emblem, associated military action or war, status, and year of death. Memorial signs will be placed above existing street name signs. Specific location requests may be made in the application and will be considered by Adams County staff in collaboration with the Adams County Veterans Advisory Commission.  

“The Veterans Memorial Sign Program offers an opportunity for residents to unite in gratitude and remembrance while fostering a sense of community pride,” said Steve O’Dorisio, Board of County Commissioners Chair. “It also serves as a powerful reminder to future generations of the sacrifices made by those who fought for our freedom.”

Family and friends of seven veterans who served on the USS Colorado will be honored with a memorial sign during the grand opening of the new Adams County Veterans Memorial on Monday, May 29.

Residents are encouraged to submit applications for veterans they wish to memorialize through the program. Learn more and apply at