More Than $1 Million in Scholarships Awarded to County Students

2018 Adams County Scholarship Fund recipients

Fifty-nine Adams County high school students were awarded scholarships totaling more than $1 million on Wednesday, May 22, through the Adams County Scholarship Fund. Adams County Commissioners introduced the Scholarship Fund in 2016 in partnership with the Colorado Department of Higher Education's Colorado Opportunity Scholarship Initiative.

“It is our honor to award these well-deserving students scholarships that will enable them to continue their educations and make their college journey a bit easier,” said Mary Hodge, Board of Commissioners chair. “These scholarships will allow these students to continue their academic successes and help provide opportunities they may not have otherwise had.”

The scholarships were funded with the voter-approved three percent sales tax on retail marijuana sales in the county. In addition, the Colorado Opportunity Scholarship Initiative matched the sales tax funds to increase the scholarship pool.

High-achieving students enrolled in the free and reduced lunch program were eligible to apply for one of the scholarships.

The Board of Commissioners identified Adams County Education Consortium (ACEC) as the fiscal agent for the Adams County Scholarship Fund. ACEC works directly with county school districts or school district foundations. Those include Adams 12 Five Star Schools, Adams 14 Education Foundation, School District 27J Education Foundation, Mapleton District 1 Education Foundation, Westminster District 50 Education Foundation, Strasburg School District 31J, and Bennett School District 29J.

Adams 12 Five Star Schools
Marjorie Kay Faust, $20,782 scholarship
Connie Hua, $20,782 scholarship
Cesar Medrano, $20,782 scholarship
Tegan Cansler, $20,782 scholarship
Ivannia Conejo, $20,782 scholarship
Karen Delgado, $20,782 scholarship
Kevin Jimenez, $20,782 scholarship
Camron Korell, $20,782 scholarship
Kaleigh Lask, $20,782 scholarship
Lillian Loi, $20,782 scholarship
Kristi Lor, $20,782 scholarship
Megan Madden, $20,782 scholarship
Jade L. Martin, $20,782 scholarship
Chandler Sanchez, $20,782 scholarship
Frank Schaul, $20,782 scholarship
Warren Steele Brizzolara‐Dove, $20,782 scholarship
Melanie Trinh, $20,782 scholarship
Evan Underwood, $20,782 scholarship
Nicholas A Williams, $20,782 scholarship
Jennifer Yang, $20,782 scholarship

Adams County School District 14
Genavee Gonzalez, $15,000 scholarship
Eleazar Holguin Jr., $15,000 scholarship
Leilonni LePenna, $15,000 scholarship
Daisy Loya, $15,000 scholarship
Maria Olivas, $5,000 scholarship
Alejandra Pena, $15,000 scholarship
Jacelle Perez, $15,000 scholarship
Florisel Rodriguez‐Cardoza, $15,000 scholarship
Niko Suazo, $15,000 scholarship
Jonah Trujillo, $5,000 scholarship
Liliana Valdez, $15,000 scholarship

Bennett School District 29J
Jarred Oberts, $4,478 scholarship
Rosendo Pacheco, $4,478 scholarship

Mapleton Public Schools
Rebecca Busby, $10,000 scholarship
Allison Camara, $10,000 scholarship
Aleajah Casias, $10,000 scholarship
Raymundo Corona, $20,000 scholarship
Manuel Navarrete, $20,000 scholarship
Victoria Perry, $10,000 scholarship
Edgar Sanchez Cruz, $20,000 scholarship
Paula Solis, $10,000 scholarship
Donny Stecklein, $10,000 scholarship

School District 27J
John Maldonado, $15,465 scholarship
Dejarenay Prospero, $15,465 scholarship
Stephany Valenzuela, $15,465 scholarship
Quinn Cochran, $15,465 scholarship
Lisette Garcia, $15,465 scholarship
Jazmin Gonzalez, $15,465 scholarship
Madyson Hawkins, $15,465 scholarship
Larissa Munoz, $15,465 scholarship
Roberto Ruiz, $15,465 scholarship
Tylo Sund, $15,465 scholarship

Strasburg School District 31J
Amanda Van Norman, $9,874 scholarship

Westminster Public Schools
Kaylee Herring, $22,000 scholarship
Silvia Lopez Rodriguez, $22,000 scholarship
Itzel Orduna, $22,000 scholarship
Ha Pham, $22,000 scholarship
Ngan Pham, $22,000 scholarship
Jasmine Tejada Gonzalez, $22,000 scholarship