Urgent: Adams County Road & Trail Closures

Road Closures
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Due to severe weather and heavy rain, numerous roadways in Adams County are closed due to flooding and road damage. These roadways are unsafe and will remain impassable to the public until flood waters recede and necessary repairs are made. 

The Adams County Public Works staff is currently mobilized and ready to assess damage and begin repairs. Thank you for your patience as we work to repair these segments of roadways. 

The following roads are currently closed to the public and will remain closed until further notice:

  • 26th Ave., between Yulle Rd. and Wolf Creek Rd.

  • 64th Ave., between Piggott Rd. and Wolf Creek Rd.

  • Piggott Rd. from 80th Ave. to 88th Ave.

  • Old Victory Rd., from Hwy. 36 to Hwy. 79

  • 72nd Ave., from Bradbury-Krebs Rd. to Xmore Rd.

  • Road 15, from Bradbury-Krebs Rd. to Xmore Rd.

  • 26th Ave., from Strasburg Rd. to Comanche Dr.

  • 26th Ave., from Piggott Rd. to Yulle Rd.

  • 48th Ave., from Strasburg Rd. to Piggott Rd.

  • 112th Ave., from Headlight Rd. to Nordbye Rd.

  • 112th Ave., from Behrens Rd. to Horrogate Rd. 

  • 72nd Ave. from Converse Rd. to SH 79

  • 80th Ave., from Schumaker Rd. to SH 79

  • Cameron Dr., from Guy Ct. to O’Brien

  • Converse Rd., from 128th Ave. to 144th Ave.

  • Converse Rd., from 88th Ave. to 112th Ave.

  • E. 112th Ave., from SH 79 to Converse Rd.

  • 104th Ave., at Manilla Rd. and at Tumbleweed Ct.

  • 64th Ave., from Converse Rd. to Schumaker Rd.

  • Converse Rd., from 88th Ave. to 64th Ave.

  • 72nd Ave., at Converse Rd. and SH 79

  • 80th Ave., from SH 79 to Schumaker Rd.

  • 112th Ave., from Himalaya Rd. to Picadilly

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For more information on the road closures, please call 303.853.7137.

In addition to road closures, all Adams County Trails are closed until further notice. These include: 

  • South Platte River Trail

  • Clear Creek Trail

  • Niver Creek Trail

  • Little Dry Creek Trails 

Please stay safe, and we will notify you as soon as roads and trails reopen.